„Global Social Business Summit“ 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Early on Hans Reitz got socially involved and is taking responsibility until this day. Concerns relevant to society play a major part in all of his business decisions.

Here is an overview of his social activities.

  • Designing a healing environment for a Berlin quarantine camp for refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020
  • Initiating the Summer of Purpose – a conference of global leaders to shape the social-conscious driven transformation for the reconstruction of the world after the Corona Crisis, 2020
  • Co-curation of the Beethoven Pastoral Project as Beethoven Ambassador – A calling from the global community of artists to world leaders to preserve the beauty of nature and safety of the climate, 2020
  • Renewal of the Social Business City Wiesbaden Classroom – An open space to create and promote social-conscious initiatives, 2019
  • Contributing to the composition of the Culture of Peace at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Yucatan, México, 2019
  • Invited guest of honour to the ceremony 30 years anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - The Gathering Berlin, 2019
  • Inspirative Impulse for Integration Camp 2024 – A public dialogue on integrating refugees into the european labour market, 2018
  • Creative impulse for the foundation of "Stand Speak Rise Up!" - Solidarity network for rape survivors, 2017
  • Initiation of the project "YY Street" with the goal of creating more social business in Wiesbaden, since 2011
  • Introduction of „Qualifeier“, a project for socially disadvantaged students in Wiesbaden (since 2010)
  • Initiator of the dance project "Matrushakti" in India, 2009
  • Development of permaculture in Germany following the example of Richard St. Barbe Baker, since 2009
  • Initiation of the project „Talent“, which supports socially disadvantaged students in Wiesbaden (2008)
  • Supporting "Career Paths for Women e.V.“, since 2008
  • Co-founder of the "GENISIS Institute for Social Business and Impact Strategies" in 2008
  • Founding of "The Grameen Creative Lab“, a consulting firm for social business (since 2008)
  • Official Creative Advisor of Peace Nobel Price winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus since 2008
  • Chairman of the Board of the Club of Budapest, 2005-2007
  • Initiation of the project "Wiesbaden helps Wiesbaden" in 2006
  • Supporting an orphanage in Varna, Bulgaria since 2005
  • Support for the school project "CLOAAT: Centre for Learning, Organic Agriculture and Appropriate Technology", Tamilnadu - India, since 2005
  • Support for "Waldzell: Global Dialogue for Personal Inspiration, Human Values ​​and Social Action", 2005
  • Initiation of the project "Wiesbaden helps Buhti" on the occasion of the earthquake in Pakistan, 2005
  • Support of the „Andheri-Aid Bonn“ in developing foreign aid projects in India and Bangladesh

Social commitment