Hans Reitz was born in 1966 and raised in Bad Abbach (Bavaria). Today he lives together with his spouse and two of his four children in Wiesbaden. His driving force from a young age on until today has always been the search for adventure and change.

Already at a young age Reitz began shaping society according to his own views. It was the era of great revolutions that sparked a change in environmental and social awareness. In Bavaria the extension of the Rhine-Danube Canal was up for public debate.

Discussions were held about a reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf. Out of his own urge to resist societies destructive behavior in ruthlessly using up natural resources and damaging forests and rivers, Reitz founded the environmental group "Abensberg"

At the age of twenty he embarked on a journey that took him from India to Afghanistan and finally led him to Iraq. His deep interest for the arts and culture led him to the studies of classical south-Indian music during his time in India. Back in Germany he founded within a few years a creative circle and worked furthermore as a cultural manager, organizing many different theater and cultural events.

Since 1992 he supports his friend Reinhold Treitinger in southern India (Kumily / Kerala) in applying the principle of "Natural Shakti" (= force of nature), a sustainable production of natural resources in accordance with the ecological system of the jungle.

In 1994 he founded the creative agency "Circ" and thereafter he continuously expanded the agency’s expertise. Today the company in Wiesbaden serves as a reliable partner in content driven live communication for established brands such as adidas, BMW, Continental, Merck and E.ON. In addition, Hans Reitz consults companies in the development of innovative management cultures and in adapting their business strategies to a constantly changing environment. Circ was repeatedly voted „the most creative agency in Germany“.

Hans Reitz is active as an entrepreneur in many areas.

He is committed to the development of social projects worldwide. As a creative consultant of Nobel Price winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus, he has helped spread the idea of „Grameen Social Business“ since 2007. In 2009, together with Prof. Yunus, he founded the "Grameen Creative Lab". It consults several large corporations worldwide. Their Mission: To spread Prof. Yunus' initiated idea of Social Business worldwide. Mr. Reitz accompanies Prof. Yunus at official occasions. Since 2010 he is the Creative Director of the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh.

Together with company management it is Reitz´s goal to inspire employees and to create a working environment where the expression of their own creativity is encouraged. This is the only way to create a sustainable future for companies and a society as a whole. His core vision behind this is leave a livable environment for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Hans Reitz also gives lectures and "Keynotes" speeches at international conferences and conducts numerous workshops at universities and large-scale enterprises. His topics include " Corporate Creativity", „Corporate Leadership“, „Corporate Culture“, „Change Management“, „Innovation“ and „Social Entrepreneurship“.